Denver’s high-end coffee shop pastries provider, Sugar Bakeshop and Coffee House is located in one of the most convenient spots in Denver. Chances are you have driven right infront on South Broadway and had no idea. This coffee shop puts their pastries and pies first and coffee second. However, the fact that there is both almond milk AND coconut milk, saying their coffee comes second is a total stretch.

In 2006, Sugar Bakeshop and Coffee House all began with a cute little ambitious 20-something at the Cherry Creek Farmers Market following her passions of owning a bakery. In 2011, Sugar Bakeshop and Coffee House opened and has been crushing the coffee pastry scene since! Denver local success story at it’s finest.

Every single morning the ovens are fired up and fresh pastries are made. Let that sink in for a second, fresh. baked goods. every. single. morning. Each day of the week there are designated muffins, breads and pop tarts associated with the day. Being able to walk in knowing exactly what was made fresh that morning is not as common as you would think. Pies and custom orders are upon request. At a discount, day old pastries are sold.

Note to self: Go in Saturday for the Nutella crumble muffin… or Monday for the Strawberry Banana Muffin… or…*

Their noms are so good that I can say with confidence that this is THE best place to get a muffin and coffee combination in Denver. I mean, top coffee shops get their muffins, famous vegan poptarts and breads every morning. Half the time, their noms are sold out at the coffee shops. Rest assured Denverites, almost all of their goods are Paleo, too.

The bright open room is perfect for over-caffeinated productivity. Walking in, you’ll quickly notice how cute the coffee house is. The kitchen prep area is exposed behind the counter and there is almost always someone baking in the background. I’ve witnessed their poptarts made fresh first handed. The whole coffee shop/bakery experience is unique to the coffee culture world. The bakery vibe goes very well with a coffee shop. The entire bakery/coffeehouse looks like it’s straight out of Pinterest…. In a good way though! The menu is on a chalkboard background with ‘on point’ calligraphy and funky ceiling lighting that… just works.  It’s a peaceful atmosphere but hosting a meeting there would not be disruptive in anyway. It’s a low-key place where you can post up in and not feel like you are over staying your welcome. Seating is somewhat limited but it is is never crazy busy where you have to worry about that. It is one of those places where you have probably driven by a thousand times but never quite noticed it existed.

Almost every single coffee shop sells artwork that hangs on the walls. Sugar Bakeshop takes it to another level and sells colorado inspired photography. LOVE IT! It makes the entire shop feel cleaner and sharper. Into it.

IMG_6549.JPGTo up their hipster factor, there is a typewriter on the bar by the window and with the help of staff to get the paper going, you can look way cooler than you are and write on it. The wall behind the typewriter is filled with messages some morbid, some inspiring and a few inside jokes that make absolutely no sense all over the window. This small touch adds it’s own personal touch to the bakery.

The coffee itself is BOMB. Brewing Denver’s local, Novo coffee (novo uses their pastries they use their coffee it’s adorable, if anything) they make incredible lattes. Their coconut milk vanilla lattes are on point and absolutely worth getting!!

The service is fabulous. Every person I have encountered there is so genuine! It is obvious that every person there is passionate about what they are doing and why WOULDN’T you want to surround yourself around people like that? Theres a young vibe but very professional at the same time.

Next time you have a breakfast meeting or catching up with an old friend take them here!! Literally one of Denver’s best kept secrets. Even though you probably don’t have to go too far out of your way to make it here, make sure you snag one of their pies! They were on Conde Nast Travelers list of best pies in America in 2012. Seriously, everything that comes out of those ovens and espresso machines is fantastic.

Verdict: Go! All the pastries are laid out where you order so its uneatable that you will get something. Trust me, I have tried and failed.. more than I would like to admit. Grab a dozen muffins or pastries and become the most popular person in your office.