Best Coffee Shop of 2014 for Professionals: Crema 

There is no doubt you will not be the smartest person in this room at Crema. CEOs and successful professionals gravitate to Crema. Hip, trendy and Professional Hipster vibe. (Professional Hipster Vibe is a thing, right?) 

Best Ambiance of 2014: Thump

Thump has excellent energy for any occasion. Perfect for getting work done, reading, grabbing coffee with a friend or simply just to kick it. The music, lighting, and professional baraistas are on point for ambiance. Take a glance at the phrases above the bar. Sets the tone for the entire coffee experience. Abiance done WELL!

Best Place to get Work Done in 2014: Thump

It could be something in the espresso, but I find myself to be the most productive at Thump. The mindless music playing over the speakers, long work tables filled with cap hill locals working on their creative projects, and outlets all over make it beyond desirable for working a. Note* The baristas let me use their internet after they closed and while they were closing up for the day on multiple occasions.

Best Place to go on a First Date in 2014: Highlands Cork and Coffee

Ah, at last! Coffee and wine lovers can come together and have a double shot of espresso with a glass of house Merlot. The outdoor seating is topped with rope lights in a garden esq courtyard and inside has a fireplace to sit next to on cold date nights. The old highlands house is really charming. There are plenty of food options too incase you’re looking for a good coffee breakfast/lunch/dinner/late night date. 

Best Almond Milk Vanilla Latte 2014: Huckleberry

Need I say more? They small batch produce their own coffee beans that are spread throughout the Denver Coffee scene. The baristas not only look good making the almond milk vanilla lattes, but they taste damn good too.

Best High-End Coffee Shop of 2014: Little Owl 

Coffee snobs rejoice. Simplicity is their thing and upscale is served. This small spaced, tucked away fancy coffee shop will satisfy your upscale coffee needs. Don’t even think about getting a pumpkin spice latte here. Little Owl means real coffee business. The most common beverages served are simple espresso shots or Americanos.  Tucked away in the central business district and little room for seating certainly caters to the busy, on the go, fancy clientele.

Best Coffee Shop Noms of 2014: Weathervane (Sugar Bakery and Coffee house CLOSE second — worth mentioning)

For about two weeks I had breakfast every single morning at Weathervane. Their yogurt, granola, cranberries at the bottom, parfaits are almost too good to be true. Denver is really into meals in a jar and when I say ‘Denver’ I mean, I am REALLY into meals in a jar. Weathervane is ahead of the curve and has oatmeal in a jar, just add water or almond milk. The presentation is great and the options are for everyone. 

Sugar Bake Shop’s pastries are used at the best coffee shops in Denver. Their vegan poptarts that I have heard so much about (only good things of course) are their most famous creations. All items are made super fresh and there are even day old baked goods for real cheap. Can’t beat it! The only reason why Sugar Bakery didn’t sweep this years noms category is I can only handle so much sugar. *No pun intended. 

Best Place to have an Interview in 2014: Novo 

Whether you are interviewing someone, being the interviewed, or having a one-on-one meeting, Novo is perfect for it. It’s quiet but not too quiet to the point of disturbing those around you and has a lot of natural light. In fact, the first I went to Novo some VIP was being interviewed with professional lighting set up and a camera and all. Professional vibe and a great well-known Denver Coffee Shop brand. 

The Best Place to Meet an Old Friend: Roostercat

Not only is their coffee bomb, AND introduced me to coconut milk vanilla lattes this year, Roostercat is the best place to meet and catch up with an old friend. The scene is perfect, sandwiched between 10th and 11th st on lincoln the edge of downtown. The outdoor area is perfect on a summer day and chilly evening with their fire pits. It is a very relaxed environment perfect for getting lost in conversation for hours and not feeling as though you are overstaying your welcome. Great place, fabulous coconut milk lattes and the owner is fantastic! Check out their calendar on their different events ie. film networking nights, live music, comedy shows and yoga in the summers.  

TOP FIVE Best coffee shops of 2014: 

5. Weathervane 

4. Novo

3. Little Owl

2. Thump

1. Huckleberry 


Huckleberry just opened this year and it has been on the top of my recomendation list since! Not only is their coffee fantastic and used in countless Denver coffee shops, the Huckleberry team is just badass. They are involved in the Denver communtiy. Don’t be surprised if you run into the hucleberry roastin’ team at art shows, markets, local events, and cupping events (Don’t worry I don’t know what cupping means either). Every thing about Huckleberry is fantastic and without a doubt the best coffee shop of 2014. Way to go, Huckleberry!