IMG_8967After going to one of the best coffee shops in the nation last week, I had to follow it with another local top dog to keep things fair. Little Owl is a hard cafe to follow. I see Corvus coffee EVERYWHERE whether its on shelves at whole foods or other shops that are brewing their beans. It is essentially a Denver coffee staple. It has been recommended to me for months.



IMG_8993Corvus is the coffee shop is the closest thing you will find to a local micro-brewery. From making the latte (pouring beer from the tap) to being able to see where they roast their famous small batch roasted beans, (fermentation process in a brewery) you can see it all. The whole coffee process is out in the open. In fact, much like the brewery tours that explain the beer making process,






There are bi-weekly classes for their retail customers to learn more about brewing coffee at their training bar. I am dying to make it to one and have a better understanding of the roasting process because, why not?





Their only location is out of the way from the city, not biker friendly, and in an area you would not exactly want to be in after dark. I imagine they get a lot of commuters city bound rather than the city homebodies. My first time there I felt like I was going too far south on Broadway and I IMG_8979turned around. After a quick Google Maps search, I turned back around and it was easy to see upon driving past. Disclaimer: Curvus is further away from the city than you would expect. This coffee shop does stand out since the Corvus establishment has a strong contrast with everything around it. Unlike buildings in the surrounding area, the outside area is well kept and looks great.

Between the professional baristas and the well-put together coffee-goers, the entire coffee shop has a professional vibe. They nailed the clean Colorado industrial design. The layout has to be in the running for the best coffee shop layouts in Denver. The lights in Corvus are so unique they are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Reminds me of something you would see at Roosevelt Bar It has a rustic trendy feel. I would go so far the lights contribute overall shop looks like a swanky warehouse.






There is plenty of seating options! I would recommend going here for a meeting, interview or a study group. There are big tables and plenty of parking options. The café itself is a fairly large space. The whole front side of the shop is a window. Although the view isn’t great, it still brings in a lot of light that makes work a little more bearable.



Even though I am a HUGE fan of the interior, exterior, quality of the coffee and the list goes on… my almond milk vanilla latte was way bellow par. I appreciate that they make their own almond milk there. I even saw the barista blending it up in the blender while I was there. However, maybe it is the cashews that turn me off? Either way it is almonds soaked in water, dash of salt and sugar and cashews. It was not good. I think that next time I will get a basic black coffee because of the almond milk. Their coffee is small batch brewed with beans from privately owned farms. They spend a ton of time and research finding the right farms and ensuring their beans are the best of the best. So I can’t let the almond milk get in the way of enjoying high quality legit coffee. Their beans are slow roasted meaning they roast two or three times a week so when you have a bag of it or a cup of it, it was JUST roasted instead of sitting there for weeks… or longer compared to other bags or cups of coffee. 


 The pastries were incredible! All local of course. The pastries are dropped off fresh every morning. I got my paws on a pumpkin choco-chip muffin. It did not disappoint. I told myself while I was walking in just to get coffee and go. I caved. The pastries really all looked that good. 



The service was right on point. Personable and professional. It is clear that the baristas are incredibly knowledgable about the coffee and company. They are part of the roasting process and take what they do seriously. They looked like typical Denver baristas. Clean cut with a little bit of hipster. Each visit they did coffee art even on my coffees to go. Kudos to that! 

The verdict: Check it out!! Definitely worth it… if you are driving south on broadway. I wouldn’t go too much out of my way for it though. I would rather go to huckleberry or novo. However, if you are getting almond milk with your coffee, don’t be surprised if it just doesn’t taste like what you are used to. They are roast masters without a doubt. I am definitely going to try to attend one of their classes or if I am ever looking for a coffee meeting spot. I do not see myself going back anytime soon.