Weathervane cafe is Denver’s most Outdoorsy coffee shop. I would go so far to say it is one of Denver’s best kept secrets or hidden city gems. Quick, healthy and affordable. Tucked away on Williams and 17th and sandwiched between Whole Yoga and a Denver resident who grows their own veggies in their front yard. (Just saying)


Moonrise Kingdom

It is the most Wes Anderson esq cafe… ever. The second you step into the quant cafe, you feel as though you are walking on the set of Moonrise Kingdom. Ironically, the barista one day was playing the Life Aquatic (another Wes Anderson Classic) soundtrack. Specifically THIS SONG I urge you to listen to it while you read this review. For those of you who are not familiar with Wes Anderson nor Moonrise Kingdom or even Life Aquatic for that matter.. I do apologize for you have no idea what I am talking about and for straight up missing out…


Moonrise kingdom

Movie references aside, Weathervane cafe is a free spirit, outdoorsy inspired cafe. I can’t help but to think about pinterest camping when I am inside. Everything about it is perfect. This house turned cafe has two floors. A vintage shop upstairs next to a room full of couches (available to rent out *check on website for more info) made complete with two patios for outdoor seating both upstairs and downstairs. Be aware of the 35 person capacity inside. The overall cafe does not have a ton of space as you would not want to post up in for hours. Don’t worry though, the many times I have been there, seating has never been an issue.


Moonrise Kingdom

Screen Shot 2001-01-04 at 6.40.55 AM


I have fallen in love with the little details of the cafe. You know those pictures you may see in magazines or pinterest of rustic designs? Weathervane is the MASTER of it all. Even the tip jar with the little yarn has a TIPS tag attached on it and the petite picture frame sits next to a mini vase with flowers stating to put the dishes in the bin on the other side of the 2



I appreciate how this cafe has stuck so well with their theme. Everything fits so well. A lot of the items would seem out-of-place if they were placed anywhere else. For example, why would a thrift, patched up quilt end up in Pablo’s on 13th? They have their own rustic camping niche that cannot be found anywhere else in the area.

Screen Shot 2001-01-04 at 6.47.42 AMScreen Shot 2001-01-04 at 6.41.30 AM

While researching, it was easy to unveil that Weathervane is voted as one of the best coffee shops in denver for conversation. I AGREE! It isn’t too loud or too quite for talking. There is such a comfortable, chill atmosphere. Bring your first date, mother, grandmother (actually, no really. Bring your grandmother it even probably looks like your grandmother’s house anyway). However, I wouldn’t exactly have a business meeting here.



To be honest, I was starting to think that I’ve seen it all. How could a coffee shop have something I have yet to see? I’m a coffee shop guru at this point, right? No. Weathervane has blindsided me with concepts no other coffee shop has done before. I have compiled a list of just that.

1. Sells used records

2. Their oatmeal comes in a jar

3. Granola and Yogurt has CHERRIES at the bottom. UGH.

4. Local Authors sell their paperback novels there.

photo 1

5. Locally handmade mugs for sale

6. Has a vintage store upstairsScreen Shot 2001-01-04 at 6.42.54 AM

7. Designated Dog Parking outside

8. Flowers in vintage cans

9. Their chalk board signs out front give perfect combination ideas and are so personalized

Screen Shot 2001-01-04 at 6.45.43 AMScreen Shot 2001-01-04 at 6.45.30 AM

The list goes on…





What I love about this place aside from the Moonrise Kingdom feel, is how when you are in Weathervane cafe, you know EXACTLY what cafe you are in. It does not resemble anything else in the city. It is truly unique. Cheers to that!

photo 3

For the past month this has been my morning AMVL spot. I just keep coming back because not only is it welcoming, comfortable and ADORABLE, their coffee is AMAZING! I’ve had it hot and iced both never failed me. The coffee isn’t too sugary probably because their syrups are house made (love). Best part, their coffees are just the right amount of strong. Weathervane is on my list for one of my favorites thus far.

Not a coffee drinker? No problem! Look at the extensive descriptive tea list any person can understand through their description. Or Better yet, try their lavender lemonade would with a vegan doughnut. Say whatttttt.

photo 4

Local shmocal. They nailed it! They sell everything LOCAL. Huckleberry coffee, Corvus are their coffee staples. Homemade local lip balm to local jam it is sold at Weathervane. Two thumbs up for supporting the local Denver startups. In fact, it is all the local products they have that set them apart from the rest. Bardo’s, take notes.

screen-shot-2001-01-04-at-6-43-47-am1I have to confess something…. The pastries look BOMB however, I have yet to get my hands on em! I keep ordering the Granola and Yogurt option. I have failed to step out of the box. But their pastries are from The Beet Box. I am alllllll about the beet box company. They have a booth set up at the Cherry Creek Farmers Market and their shop is not too far away from Weathervane, according to local rumors. Half of their pastries are homemade too. Vegan, GF options are all there, of course.

Service is great!! The baristas look like they should work at Weathervane (it’s a good thing). They are all so genuine and seem very natural and approachable. I love the male barista’s outfit as he literally looks like he stepped right out of Moonrise Kingdom. Patches on vest, beard, glasses and all. Really, can’t say enough good things about the friendly staff. They never made me feel rushed or gave the impression of being bored.

Screen Shot 2001-01-04 at 6.44.32 AM

The menu selection is spot on featuring both breakfast and lunch items. For their lunch they have: Citrus kale salad, Sesame coconut Kale salad, sandwiches served with cucumbers, Tempeh bacon sandwiches TLT, Beef sandwiches.. something for everyone. Vegans, vegetarians, classic eaters, and meat lovers. Bring a friend for lunch or coffee before work.


“Take it easy, but take it” – Quote painted on the door. …Think about it over some of their amazing lattes?


Suggestions: Coffee art on to-go coffee (although I will say bringing it to me at the table complete with the lid and sleeve makes up for it) and have a whole fruit basked of bananas and apples.


Verdict: Check it out!!! Well worth it. Go upstairs, look around.. sit on the balcony upstairs. I will keep coming back and recommending it to others.