This week I decided to do a part II on my Pablo’s on 13th post. I was not a fan of it the first few times around. Pablo’s coffee seems to be popping up everywhere lately. Their beans are being used at a bunch of different new local coffee shops and all over the shelves at local stores. The Pablo’s on 6th was their original location so I was curious.

Background story: Pablo’s coffee is one of Denver’s first craft coffee roasters. They roast their coffee on 7th st and have two locations, 13th and 6th. They roast in small batches by hand. They even ship their coffee out to you even if you aren’t from the Colorado or Denver area. The coffee is roasted daily and shipped quickly. Not bad, huh?

There are a ton of the same characteristics I was not into on their 13th location at this one too.

1. No Wifi

2. Sub par baristas

3. Limited Syrups


Before I start going on about what I don’t like, let me first just say that it actually looks really cool inside. The outdoor area certainly catches your attention when you drive by. They make sure you know they are here and don’t blend in quite like Novo down the street. Right when you walk in you, notice right away there is so much going on. They have a combination of chandeliers and different spotlight lighting, long hanging lights and a few lamps. The black and white checkered ceiling fits with all the other patterns used on the walls and clean counter area. The most unusual part is how they use plants to line the window instead of using blinds. A section of the wall has the Beetle wood that is popping up all over Colorado establishments.


Pablo’s may just be the best place for the coffee shop to take your kids to. It’s right next to a grocery store, across from chase bank, on a busier street so you can hit it on your way to running errands.There are toys lying around by the couch area and books for little ones. In fact, I’ve seen THREE babies/kids here and I can’t even remember the last time I’ve seen someone bring a baby or young one into a coffee shop around here. I swear the mom crowd loves Starbucks. Spotted: soon to be mom getting her tea on.

Pablo’s on 6th is just such a convenient place. It’s close to just about everything you need to get your errands and shopping done. It is also even easier to get access to because there is free parking in the parking lot behind the café. There is also street parking right in front too that is not hard to land a spot on. Possibly the most convenient coffee shop to go to? On top of the easy location, it makes it easier their hours are 7-10 every day… consistent and flexible.

OK. I’m sorry but I get the whole “engage in conversation with some coffee” blah blah blah. But seriously? NO WIFI?!?! Us poor young professionals who don’t have Internet need to catch up on emails, aimless facebooking and articles that tell me 19 reasons why this and 50 ways to do that. I think that every coffee shop should have WiFi. A latte helps everyone get work done and the atmosphere is associated with being productive. To each his own, Pablo’s.Image

I tried to do something a little different today. I stepped out of my latte comfort zone and was ready to try something NEW. I had white chocolate on my mind. Over my typical vanilla believe it or not. I rarely do this. I order that white chocolate latte with almond milk to only to find myself getting rejected. They don’t have white chocolate but they did suggest regular chocolate. I went for it. It was a little to rich for me. I wouldn’t order it again but it is still good though, don’t get me wrong. The attempted coffee art was not good. I will go ahead and give an excuse on their behalf and say it was the almond milk and mocha that makes it more difficult to do coffee art. I did order the vanilla almond milk latte to go yesterday and it was AWESOME. So good and the coffee art was on point. So lesson learned, stick to the vanilla almond milk latte. They sell their beans to coffee shops all over and people rave over it. I think that their black coffee may even be worth getting next time too or I would purchase a bag to brew myself.

The crowd here is pretty mixed. It is mainly an older crowd but of course it is a Wednesday morning when everyone is already at work. I can infer that the typical crowd ranges from 20 something to retired. Everyone and everyone can fit in here. It isn’t too trendy and edgy nor conservative.

If you want to get some iced tea, don’t come here. They do give you free refills and let you know upon ordering but there is only one tea to get. At thump they brew it for you and have a HUGE selection of tea you can get hot iced and will hold your tea leaves back there so they can keep re-brewing it for you. Now THAT is my iced tea expectation at a coffee shop.


As part of this little part II on the Pablo’s series, I’m noticing some brand inconsistencies. If you didn’t know what the name was to either place before coming in, you would NEVER guess it is the same company. Each location has a totally different feel. This is so odd. There is seriously no similarity between the two. One location makes it VERY clear upon entering that there is no wifi. Pablo’s on 6th doesn’t have any indication, which led me to the false hope that there was free Wi-Fi. It’s just odd one place has all these funky patterns comfortable seating and the other blah, uncomfortable, and different feels.

Those jams. Ugh. Bring your headphones. It’s weird music. They have OK seating. Their whole vibe is to engage with people so they have their seating set accordingly.

Not blown away by the pastries. They get their breads and stuff from Outrageous a local bakery in Boulder. I definitely like how they make it very clear that is where they are from and they have a wide choice of them too. The other pastries (donuts bagels, muffins etc.) are not labeled where they are from but I didn’t bother asking because I’m not blown away by the place. Their focus is their coffee beans as it is one of the most well-known Denver coffee beans. Seriously. Everyone in Denver knows of Pablo’s.


The verdict: Worth checking out at some point but keep driving down to Novo’s one minute up 6th. I’m into it but I think that the baristas at Novo are a little better and more approachable. They are friendly but not warm. I don’t feel like I could build any kind of relationship with. At thump I was in they know my name know I want some sort of Almond milk latte and talk to me. Here, you just wouldn’t’ get that. They just wanted to get your order make some bomb coffee and repeat. There is a lot going on but the outdoor area makes it worth it if you want to sit outside on a nice day. The overhead rope lighting would be perfect for an evening cup of coffee.