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Don’t be fooled by the title! Denver Bicycle cafe is a cycling cafe, not a biker’s cafe. Bikes. Coffee. Beer is written on the back of the worker’s t-shirt; that is Denver Bicycle Cafe in a nutshell. Unlike anything else in Denver, this cafe doubles as a coffee shop and bike repair shop. On top of being a coffee shop and bike repair shop, it is a tap house. The bike, coffee, beer combo is perfect for the Denver cycling crowd. Even the area it is in (North Capitol Hill – 17th & Lafayette) fits because it is an extremely biker friendly neighborhood.

The two owners are local residents who grew up together in Denver and wanted to start a business after graduating from CU & DU. Working closely, they were able to get their local business off the ground in 2011. Seems to still be running strong with many regulars and people who just want to get their bike fixed. I imagine it’s fairly common to end up getting a cup of coffee and having an entirely different experience than initially intended. The first thing that caught my attention was the entire side of the cafe was a legit bike repair shop. The oddest part was it did not make it feel dirty or anything. Every tool was strategically placed and bikes all in line. This repair shop look fit with the brick walls and industrial ceiling. All in all, it just had a cool look to it and the bike repair shop was apparent but discrete. Once I got over how cool the coffee shop looked inside the pastries were on my mind. They were temptingly placed right next to the register. Every single muffin, bagel, donut (yes.. they have donuts), and whatever else you can imagine were right there, looking fresh out the oven. After I ordered my coffee and took an uncomfortable amount of time to respond to  the barista’a burning question, “Anything Else?” I decided to pass. Next time, I will absolutely get something… they even had vegan and gluten free options from D Bar and Beet Box, local bakeries.


The Denver Bicycle Cafe focuses on other local coffee business, as well. They hand-brew local coffee companies beans and sell them at their cafe, as well. On their website, they compare roasting to the beer brewing process, which is a unique approach and ties together their late night tap house atmosphere. Anyways, I was extra pumped to see Huckleberry coffee there. Not only were they selling their coffee beans there, they are part of this month’s hand-brewed coffee selections. This is a place I would not mind getting just a straight up black coffee. My almond milk vanilla latte was amazing. I had to control myself not to drink it too fast because it was that good.
What sets Denver Bicycle Cafe apart from the rest is the obvious, there is a legit bicycle shop in there where you can come in to get air in your tires or just a basic tune up and whatever else for your cycling needs. They  sell bikes there too and from what I saw, they are in the $900+ range. Aka out of my price range and the kind of bike I would personally invest in. The local coffees that they brew are only locally known and adds to their local company culture. At 5pm on the dot, they shut off their WiFi and stop serving coffee. The cafe turns into a tap house and beer is served. There is a cool outdoor area so I am sure it is just as cool at night as it is during the morning/day. This is a fairly new idea and many regulars are not happy with the WiFi turning off and getting rushed out. But whatever, I think it is a cool concept and especially with their beer selection, it is worth it. I see it from the business owner standpoint. They created this company and clearly see a market for the beer scene. The two local owners can and should do as they wish with their dream shop. The posted menu explains that you are allowed to bring in outside food. I can’t believe this! It doesn’t stop there, they will provide for you menus from local nearby restraunts too.   image

The verdict: I will absolutely be back! I want to come back to experiment with their coffee options and also in the evening for some beer or wine. When I eventually invest in a bike, this will definitely be my go-to- tune up spot. Or just an excuse to come in for a cup of coffee and casually bringing my bike into. BYOB?