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Between Fluid and Crema in the RiNo village (step and a hop away from Coors Field), you’ll find the brand spankin’ new coffee shop, Huckleberry Roasters. The two owners raised money through a Kickstarter and funded over $13,000 to get their coffee shops up and going. Their first location opened in late Dec and the Larimer location March 20th. I accidentally ended up in the area and on a time crunch so I just went into whatever coffee shop was closest to me. I saw a little sign that read: Huckleberry Roasters and went in without any expectations.

Watch their kickstart film here


Everything felt so clean and had a Colorado vibe to it. The counter is just a few steps away from the door. The seating looks like it is meant for solo coffee trips. There aren’t any tables for groups of people to gather around. The majority of the seating was bar style with long wooden table tops along the floor to ceiling windows and wooden bar stools. Basically entire place was just wood and white. I am not sure if it is because they just opened, but this place with all the white felt so clean and comfortable. The lighting was very natural and bright. They don’t have the dim tint and darker colors that the other local coffee shops have.

It is not super obvious, but the counter bar area by the coffee is sit down service. You do not have to go straight to the register. Take out your laptop and get started on your work and the barista will come up with some water and serve you.Image

So the kickstart video they have posted online is pretty awesome. It just shows how it is these two local guys have such a passion for coffee and stress their three main objectives for wanting to open a coffee shop.

Their three most important concepts (they really do have these 3 things posted everywhere):

We want to encourage people to unplug, to engage with one another, and to enjoy slowly both the product and the environment we’ve created.

Our product is our vessel. Focusing on the quality of our product and always trying to achieve perfection with it is the foundation to everything else we do.

Coming together around an excellent cup of coffee is a meaningfully shared experience that’s increasingly rare. Coffee cultivates community.

While I enjoyed my almond milk vanilla latte that was AMAZING and did not cease to disappoint, I understand their culture. One of the owners was the barista and was extremely friendly. Not just to me but everyone that came in there. They all just seemed to know each other. They have a good presence in the neighborhood and for being so new, they look like they are fitting in well and attracted people who seem just to fit in there.

One of their main focuses in their coffee shop was selling their actual roasted coffee. I cannot even imagine how tasty it is. I saw a few people in and out buying bags of their coffee. I do not think I’ve seen it at any local grocery stores, but I’ll be sure to keep my eye out for it. Their coffee bag design comes off as very local that Colorado people eat right up.


Huckleberry Coffee – Photo Cred: Huckleberry Facebook Page

My entire experience was so positive. When I was looking at the pastries (of course) the barista/owner told me instantly that they get them from The Wooden Spoon, a new local pastry stop in Denver and the exact cross streets of where to find it in the highlands. It is just nice to know where what you are eating comes from.


Every three months they switch out the coffee that they sell wholesale. I’ve never even heard of this before. This ensures that the coffee that they do sell is legit and fresh.

Infront of the coffee shop there is a good size raised front sitting area. This is perfect because it is separated from the sidewalk and I am certain that when it gets warmer they will fill it with outdoor seating. I can only image how popular it is going to get in the summer. The location and with this outdoor area, they will do just fine being a new local business.

What sets this place apart from the rest of the other Coffee shops other than that is it probably the newest coffee shop in the city is that they sell some clothes there. I could not help but notice how well-dressed the baristas were. They were dressed extremly Denver esque in their dark jeans folded up at the heel with dress brown leather shoes and Eddie Bauer style button ups. The clothing that they were selling were similar button ups and vests. I cannot say I’ve ever seen a higher end coffee shop sell legit clothing items. I did not get a chance to check them out or look at the prices nor are they advertised in the website either so I am not too sure what was up with that. Either way, I liked this place so much that I think it works for them. Another new addition to the coffee scene for myself was seeing multiple espresso options. Maybe I just haven’t paid enough attention to this but this was one of the first things that jumped out at me on the menu.

ImageThe music was excellent here. The baristas just plugged in their phones and played music over speakers through that. It was cool to see what they have on their personal playlists and what kind of music each barista is into. I was so tempted to ask what song for a couple of catchy tunes I’ve never heard before. They played some stuff that’s on the radio now, an explicit Kanye song (totally into) and some low key softer songs. It was funny some people that were friends with the barista that was playing DJ had his friends give him a hard time when Kanye came on and he ended up changing it. Just shows that it’s a comfortable, laid back atmosphere. It was pretty quiet for the most part so worth stopping by if you need to focus and get work done. Just don’t be distracted by how good looking the owner is.

Verdict: I will not only be back to this location but I will be sure to go to their Pecos St. location. I think it just has such a cool Colorado vibe with legit good coffee too. Only suggestion is I had no idea what the WiFi password was and I didn’t want to interrupt to ask. So maybe posting it by the register would make things easier? I very well could have missed if that’s the only suggestion I have, I’d say they know what’s up.




Owners Photo Cred: Huckleberry Facebook Page