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Overheard at Crèma:

“It’s kind of steamy in here… like chai steamy.” 

I don’t have the slightest clue what chai steamy means and how it could possibly relate to the room temperature, appearance or anything else in Crèma. I’ll set aside the urban dictionary on this one and just assume it’s a really… really good thing because this place is awesome. Hands down, Crèma puts any other coffee shop to shame (aside from Thump my regular go-to). Crèma is a creative off the beaten path coffee shop. The kind of place that would be ideal to take someone important.

The second you walk into Crèma you’ll probably first double-check you are in the right place as it’s not in your average neck of the woods. It’s in an industrial area next to art galleries mixed with run down buildings on Larimer St.  The area, slightly northwest of LODO, is arsty but not quite like the Highlands. It is more urban and industrial than swanky and young. The brick walls, exposed ceiling, artwork everywhere, floor to ceiling windows, funky lighting, and local artwork give it its charm.


Every single person in there looks like they are somebody important in the creative field. Denver is known for new businesses and where people come to be creative and start something. I feel like this is where all those people who have made it or are on their way to come here. Everyone has their own flair. The crowd is definitely aged towards a more middle-aged established group than young professional. From the way they were dressed to how they held themselves, each person in there had a purpose. I felt a little inspired just being surrounded by so many creative people.


Cutting straight to the noms, THOSE PASTRIES! Holy shiz. They were all over sized, homemade and I wanted them. However, I contained myself and got my usual granola, fruit and yogurt. When I asked about their yogurt options, they explained how they only use Noosa yogurt. I was so pumped my mind went hazy and an air punch may or may not have occurred. For my sake of planning on returning, let’s say I kept my cool. Naturally, I accompanied my breakfast with an almond milk vanilla latte. The coffee tastes just as good as the place looks. The coffee art caught me off guard as lately a lot of places are neglecting to consistently do it. I just think it adds to the experience.

What sets Crema apart from the rest is the almost too trendy vibe.  I had the chance to snoop around a little bit. I chatted with the friendly baristas and found out that there is a hidden drawer by the register. It’s essentially a loyalty drawer. Customers can fill out a little notecard and tuck it in there and use it as a punch card or have a a prepaid card in there you can use so you don’t even need to bring your wallet with you each time can run in, grab your card, place the order and bounce.

They are so knowledgeable about the coffee they get and where it comes from. While the barista described where the coffee comes from I unfortunately zoned out after some of the technical terms. I didn’t catch it all…. but either way, they know their stuff.

What makes a coffee shop experience even better? Some great company of course. I was lucky enough to have a fabulous inspiring coffee date this week. Nick fits into the Crème culture to a T from his hip look to his creative qualities. When we arrived he ordered a house double espresso shot (the barista kindly paired with a water palette cleanser) and a Dark Chocolate Belize Piece. (Try it with your next espresso shot)

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the next up and coming Furniture Designer, Nick. I’m always curious to find out people’s stories and what they have done, do and want to do. Before grabbing coffee, I had no idea that Nick was such a talented furniture designer. Started out with sculpting, Nick was set on doing something with design but not quite sure what. He appreciated practical things and started to look into packaging design. Quickly, Nick realized that he wanted to design what was in the package. He now designs furniture that I would look at and instantly think that there is no way I could ever afford that. Take a look at some of the furniture that Nick not only designs but also impressively constructs it as well.

The verdict: I will absolutely be back! The entire design of the place is worth going there for. There are different rooms however, feel free to roam and sit wherever whether it’s a solo coffee shop trip to get work done or with a friend for a bite to eat. (Food is worth checking out too for lunch or breakfast) Pull yourself together before you come here, you never know who you will run into and you’ll probably feel out of place if you don’t. Maybe just rock that hot mess look and make it your flair here.