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Dazbog Coffee started with two immigrants of the former Soviet Union who had a dream of starting a better life for themselves. Dazbog began as a wholesale company that roasted their own coffee beans, packaged themselves and delivered them within 48 hours to anyone in the greater Denver area. In 2004 they licensed their coffee brand to local coffee shops and a year later opened their first corporate shop as a local franchise. Dazbog is expanding into a nationwide chain. There are 26 different locations, two of which are out of the state and another two in the works expanding into Illinois and Texas. On the back of the bag of coffee you can purchase at your everyday Colorado grocery store, you will find the two owners pictured in 1974 as kids and their coming to America story. They are ultimately creating a loyal base of customers because of the personal connection you get by reading their story and gives you a local made it big feel.

It would be ridiculous to attempt to go to every single Denver Dazbog location. Dazbog is on every corner in Denver like Walgreens is on every corner in Florida and Tim Hortons in Canada. Out of convenience, I chose the location walking distance away from home. 9th and Downing. It was perfect in the summer with the outdoor seating and so many people out and about in the area. I used the free WiFi and would order an iced almond milk late. The food is just average. I would rather go across the street to King Soopers and get something pre-made and go home to be honest. The pastry selection wasn’t anything special. I just think that they focus more on the coffee than anything else they sell there. The coffee was really good, from what I remember.

Let’s cut right to the chase on my terrible experience at Dazbog. There are very few places where I let one bad experience get in the way of the overall establishment and never return to. However, I have yet to return back to Dazbog since the end of June.They close at 10:00 pm every night of the week. I was enjoying my usual summer iced late and even ordered one of their sub-par sandwiches. Around 9:25pm on a random night of the week I was on Skype. One of the workers was going around to the tables and put the chairs on top of them. I figured they were just prepping to make closing a breeze, I can’t blame them.  The worker who is always working and knew I was a frequent goer approached me. He  told me they were closing and I had to leave. At first I thought he was joking. It was utterly awkward getting kicked out while I was video Skyping. Naturally I didn’t bother asking why they were closing early; I just quickly packed up and went home.Even with an almond milk option and free Wifi, the experience is just lacking here. The food is not anything special or healthy. The people are more to themselves and are aged in their 30s to 50s. In fact, in the summer I was lucky enough to sit next to two 80-somethings on their first date. Although it was the cutest thing I have ever seen, the crowd hasn’t quite won me over. The music is very generic. Which is surprising because Denver has such a hip music scene where you would think they could find some better local options. Needless to say, just bring your headphones strangers but if you forget them it’s okay, no one will talk and disrupt  you anyways.

As much as I feel for the owners and their success story, this is one shop I can do without going to. I would rather hop in a Lyft and go to Fluid than walk to Dazbog. Anyone who knows anything about me, I always prefer to walk so this says a lot. The service doesn’t fit with what other places offer in the area. I would feel like a nuisance asking about where their coffee and teas come from or for what their favorite option is. There’s a lot of attitudes from the baristas.
I will give Dazbog kudos for having a cool outdoor area. It’s perfect for people watching but they have a pretty cool mural painted on the wall. I wonder if it was there on the building from a previous owner and has a bit of history to it. I would say ask the workers there but, chances are they wouldn’t want to talk about it or know anything about it. But really, if you need a generic place to get work done and want to have somewhat of a local feel that Starbucks can’t give you, go to Dazbog. I’ll be honest, there are times where I will go into a coffee shop and I’m not looking to chat or have any sort of special experience. For days like that, Dazbog would be great for. Conveniently placed is a Bcycle station right outside. This makes it straight up easy for anyone to get to and street parking all around for those who prefer to just drive.
The verdict: Go somewhere else, theres nothing special here. Maybe I’ll try another location and hopefully have a better experience.