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Upon first entering you’ll notice how clean and professional Thump is. It has a very urban chic feel to it as you feel like you’re walking into a hip unfinished warehouse*.  There are always people taking over the long workstation tables with their laptops and sloppy notes spread up and down left and right. It’s such a comfortable work environment that you could be there for hours and not feel as though you are in the way or being a nuisance. The majority of the people in here are typically hipster 20-somethings to professionals in their mid thirties. What’s actually pretty unique and sets thump apart from other coffee shops are it’s technology free zones. There are a couple tables and chairs that are designated specifically for technology-free zones. This keeps the awkward first dates separated from the people who can only get stuff done anywhere but where they live.

Typical Thump Goers

Typical Thump Goers

The long wooden workstation tables are pretty smart. Across the entire bottom of the table you will find individual outlets. This saves you from climbing over everyone to try to plug in whatever you need charged.  Like anywhere else, they have free WIFI but recently they changed their systems where you don’t even need to get the password of the day. I’m pretty sure they were getting tired of everyone approaching them every two seconds for the WIFI password that was clearly displayed at the register…. and at the end of the counter. If I had some sort of award I could give out for Most Badass Customer Service, I would give it to Thump. The same baristas are working almost every time I go in there, which is more than I would like to admit. It’s just nice to keep going back to the same place and always see familiar faces. The staff here is just phenomenal and it’s not just because they’re all good looking either. Compared to other coffee shops nearby, thump closes kind of early. There was one time where I was in there to use their Internet and get a cup of tea. After being there for no longer than ten minutes, they did a last call and came up to me as I was one of two people left in there. They explained to me I could stay while they clean and use their Internet and just leave when they leave. I couldn’t believe this! What kind of place lets you stay while they clean and close just to use their Internet? This kind of service isn’t found well… anywhere. They locked the doors cranked up Gin and Juice by Snoop Dogg and proceed to clean while I continued working. I can’t complain one bit. To top things off, they kept giving me more hot water for my tea. Another evening I was not even thinking and came in at 6:00 when they close right at 6:00. In my defense, they don’t have their hours posted anywhere, which would probably helpful and prevent these situations. Either way, the door was locked when I tried to open it but they unlocked it for me and told me they can’t make me coffee since they closed but I could still come in and just use the WIFI until they leave. I was floored. How awesome is that? Naturally I slipped them a couple of dollars in their tip jar.  Half the time I go to Thump I plan on just getting a coffee or a tea. Every single time I go in there I end up getting one of their pastries (like the paleo pumpkin muffins) or local Noosa yogurt. This is the first coffee shop I have seen thus far that carries paleo pastries. To top things off, almond milk is used more often than any other milk there. Don’t even get me started about their tea collection and how good it is.The coffee tastes incredible. I’m not going to lie, it’s so good I’ve been guilty to get a second vanilla almond milk latte after being there a couple of hours. When I started coming here, they were on their coffee art A-game. For some reason they stopped but I don’t really mind because the coffee tastes so good that I could careless what it look like. I just like seeing the cool art that they can make with it but I do understand that it is harder to work with almond milk so just try bring it back, guys.

The music fits the culture of the coffee shop to a T. It hits everything from Lupe Fiasco to Rodrigo y Gabriela. It’s really good music to work to, as you’ll probably find yourself not even needing headphones. Having feel good music in the background really adds to the culture of Thump.

The first time I heard about Thump was when the owner of Gypsy House was having a mental breakdown and hysterically crying because a new coffee shop was opening across the street. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting it to be that cool or anything special. Little did I know that it would become my new favorite Denver coffee shop. I feel like a regular at a cool place surrounded by cool people. *While I was writing this at Thump, I was getting an opinion from a friend on what he would compare the overall feel was. After goolging Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn and whatever else, I could tell the guy sitting next to us was eaves dropping. I turned and asked him what he thought and he started laughing and said, “It’s like walking into a hip urban unfinished warehouse.”

Nailed it.