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Just as you would expect from the name, this coffee shop is your official Capitol Hill gypsy hot spot. Once you get past the gypsy niche, you’ll notice it is a coffee shop by day and a hookah bar by night. If you’re lucky you will be able to witness and overhear people get their tarot cards read by one of the baristas. This local family owned coffee shop is pretty unique. I was first drawn to the bright colors and hippie atmosphere. The overall setup is comfortable enough where you can go in and read a book for hours on the couch or set your laptop up at one of the tables and get work done. At certain hours the crowd can be pretty sketchy; in the morning you’ll see business professionals and early 20-somethings so it does have a nice balance of customers. However, with Thump recently opening across the street, the gypsy tarot vibe has been made much more apparent. They changed their décor a bit and brought out signs to put out by the street advertising tarot readings to set themselves apart. The owners, a mother and daughter, are usually the one’s running things and are present 99% of the time.

The menu itself is unlike anything around Denver. To keep up the gypsy theme the specialty coffees are named after zodiac signs. Breakfast is also served all day but I wouldn’t recommend getting food other than the hummus because they’re a coffee shop first, food establishment second. The food isn’t even advertised well so I would skip it, as I don’t think they even want you to get it.

When I first started going to the shop, there was an automatic 2-dollar fee to use your credit card. At the end of the summer, they got rid of the fee but would always ask if you had cash. The owner will look at your wallet as you grab out your credit card to see if you have cash and will insist that you use it. If not, she will proceed to make it obvious that she wishes you would pay in cash so save yourself from feeling guilty and just try to pay in cash when you go. Seriously, when I pay in cash they get excited and put forth more effort in making my coffee taste better with overly friendly service. Forgot your cash? They have an ATM in there.

Upon entering the Gypsy House you immediately feel comfortable. It’s not the cleanest coffee shop I’ve been to. However, it is clean enough to get a cup of coffee or tea and be content with it. It is a little cluttered but that is all part of the gypsy charm. The music is based on who is in the shop. For example, if there’s a group of people clearly doing work and reading, you’ll get the more stereotypical coffee shop music. If a younger crowd enters they’ll DJ Drake, Beyonce and other hip-hop artists. If you get people in there that fit in the gypsy scene, you’ll have some… well, gypsy music playing. You get the point. There is free WIFI however, don’t be surprised if it cuts out a lot. I had to learn the hard way when I went to submit an exam as the Internet cut out.

I feel like I have a weird personal attachment to the Gypsy House. When I first was introduced to what would be my future studio apartment, I was craving coffee and my landlord suggested it to me. I wondered off to check it out and when I sat down to crank homework out, a random guy asked if he could sit down with me. We spent an hour and a half of talking about places we’ve traveled, things to do in Colorado and just getting to know one another. People will just approach you at the shop and strike a conversation.

It made me feel like a local before I even moved downtown. During the summer a friend forget her bike lock so she just casually brought her bike in and set it against the table. No one even looked or thought twice about it, the shop is at that level of comfort. Being so close to my apartment, I naturally picked Gypsy as my go-to. I’ve even had the owner breakdown and cry right in front of me as I was figuring out what to order… twice. The first time was when she found out Thump was opening across the street and the second was because of family issues. Every other time I go there she is usually arguing with her mom, which makes things a little uncomfortable but hey, it is entertaining.

Culture aside, the coffee is pretty good. They do have almond milk which is a plus. The prices are comparable to all of the other coffee shops in the area. The tea selection is similar to what most people have at home as you’ll find your Tazos and other grocery store sold brands. I prefer loose-leaf tea but they do have a good selection of different flavors. If you would ask about the coffee process, I don’t think they would be your coffee experts, but with such a local family charm, I can’t hold it against them. I would recommend the Gypsy House for the overall experience.