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Of all of the Denver coffee shops I have been to so far, Fluid Coffee Bar in LODO has the best tasting & best quality lattés around. The foam is the perfect thick consistency and the syrups aren’t overwhelming. From the fancy espresso machine they use to the high quality products all make coffee that is worth an extra minute waiting for.

Inside Fluid

The coffee really does take an extra couple minutes from what I think most people are used to. If you find yourself in a rush, I would recommend utilizing their honors system espresso bar. That’s right, honors system espresso bar. Beat the long lines and help yourself to a to go cup and fill it up with the coffee of your choice and drop your cash in the jar. From the looks of the far filled with cash, this honors system works. Trust me though, that extra minute for the latte is WORTH IT! TIP If you get the 10 or 12oz specialties, they will do coffee art.

Work comfort is the overall feel for this local shop. Fluid is the kind of coffee shop you can sit in and get work done all day without feeling like you’re taking up space. There are plenty of seating options and meeting rooms you can reserve. To reserve a room, go to their website and view their availability and follow the steps. The meeting rooms are really modern with a clean white feel and have a ton of resources in there to host the perfect meeting. There is even a community computer AND printer. Can’t say I’ve seen a coffee shop that has a basic printer and I’m not sure why this isn’t more common.

What sets fluid apart from the rest is all of the amenities. The printer, an ATM, honor system espresso bar, and more are really unique. Each wall is painted a different color and has an overall industrial look. Located right downtown makes it easy to get to and is in a nice area to walk around in. Every snack or pastry was gluten free and vegan, which I can’t help but love.

The baristas set the bar high for what excellent service is. Each worker is so knowledgeable about coffee and loves talking about it. Having baristas with this attitude makes it more of a coffee experience than just picking up coffee and using the spot for free WIFI.

Just to prove this a little further… While I was enjoying my White Chocolate Mocha Latte with Almond Milk, a friend joined and had no idea what to order. He went up to the counter and explained what he was in the mood for and the barista instantly gave tons of suggestions and going into detail of the process of how the coffee was even produced. I couldn’t help but eavesdrop because it was really cool to hear about where the coffee comes from. Oh, incase you’re wondering, he went with a double espresso shot. The espresso shot came with a glass of water to chase with to clear the palate of the shot. I’ve never seen this before, such a great touch.  Although, a sugar stick would be another good addition but it doesn’t quite fit the healthy trend they are going for so I get it… I guess. Half-hour later into the double espresso, the barista approached us and asked how the shot was. He proceeded to explain other possible options to try out next time. Great service.