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Rooster and Moon Coffee Pub is a coffee shop by day, bar by night on Bannock St. It’s a pretty stereotypical coffee shop you would expect from Denver. Even the people in the shop were who you would expect to be there on a Saturday afternoon. Everyone from the yoga post class crowd getting espresso shots, to the 20-somethings getting a beer with lunch, and the men catching up on work with a laptop and classic black coffee. The workers were just about as hipster as it gets, but in all the right ways. They were so friendly and personable. The barista I worked with was exceptionally genuine and informative. She even talked me into getting a pumpkin muffin made by their new personal pasty chef, Ashley Isbell, from scratch that morning. Update: pumpkin muffin was amazing.

Tips for going: have in mind what you want to get before you go in. The menu isn’t exactly listed in a way that you can quickly select something in a rush. You can never go wrong with a classic almond milk vanilla latte or a dirty pumpkin chai, just saying.


What sets this local coffee shop apart from the rest is the overall set up. When you walk up to the register you will find that on the left is the bar and on the right is the coffee. In the back corner there is a little hip room with curtains to separate that the public can reserve. How perfect for a quick meeting space for lunch. Another plus of Rooster & Moon is that breakfast, the greatest thing ever, is served all day! Overall, I approve.