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Pablo’s Coffee in Capitol Hill is found in two locations on 13th and Pennsylvania and 6th and Washington.  The Pablo’s on 13th is tucked away next to Subculture, a sandwich shop, so it is easily mistaken to be a part of it or just straight up blends in and can go unseen. Either way, judging by the amount of people who came in and out in a short amount of time I was there, location isn’t a problem.

The shop itself is conscious of the green movement by having natural, organic coffees from all over the world. The coffee is roasted by hand in small batches to keep up its quality. It is pretty clear that the baristas love what they do and are knowledgeable about their products and the process. Even their tea collection was impressive. There were teas I’ve never even heard of before. (Note to self: Scope out the other location and their tea.)

While contemplating and torn between the chai or a latte, the barista did not hesitate to give me a ton of recommendations and explain everything from the spices added to what his personal preference is. Any place that basically just tells me what to order, I’m sold and guaranteed to tip a little extra. I ended up with the Chai and I could actually taste the spices that were added. At the register there were local boulder pastries that were all gluten and dairy free. I have a weak spot for places that have vegan options. I can’t help it.

Much like what you would expect out of a Capitol Hill coffee shop, the baristas were almost too cool. They both reminded me of younger versions of the guys from the Black Keys. The walls were covered with an artwork series from a local artist. The artwork is consistently swapped with other local up and coming artists.

I wouldn’t recommend this to be the go-to place to get things done then stay there for hours on hours. It doesn’t have the most comfortable seating or a lot of seating options like other coffee shops do, but it’s still perfect destination for a coffee and tea with a friend. For now, I think I will stick to getting a coffee to go there but I wouldn’t stay to use their Wi-Fi. For now, I won’t go out of my way for it but if I’m in the area and need a coffee I would definitely stop in for a legit high quality cup of coffee or tea.